Client Testimonials

Dominika Tarkowska - 22.05.2015
smallGod is a great domain and hosting platform. I've used it for many years before I moved on for personal reasons. Support is very responsive and Customer service is very pleasant. I would definitely recommend it.
Jason Vaughan - 25.12.2014
I am very pleased with the hosting services at SmallGod. Having been a webdesigner and running several small online businesses in the past, I've been through the entire gamut of bad providers, unreliable service, system outages and lost data. Since I have moved ALL my domains and hosting to SmallGod, I've had none of those problems. The customer service is very good and the prices are really incredible. I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs hosting services.
deirdre - 08.12.2014
I've loved working with smallGod Media! They've been so helping as I learned to put together my first website. I knew nothing about anything website related and was met with patience and expertise by the smallGod team through speedy email responses and instant messaging. I even got a couple amazingly helpful phones! Thanks so much, you guys are the best.
Tim Belusar - 27.09.2014
Small god's hosting is great so far. Easy set up and customer service for my few questions were prompt and very helpful. My site load much faster than my last hosting ever did. I would recommend them to anyone looking for hosting. Site navigation is easy as well.
Paul Carter - 02.09.2014
Hey that was a fast response to a problem I thought was going to be a nightmare. Resolved overnight. Thanks so much guys and girls.. P. C.
Stephen Zezza - 28.08.2014
I had a question about my site and functionality, and I received help and an answer immediately. Thank you smallGod! I shall always highly recommend your services!
Eli - 11.06.2014
smallGod is simple, reliable hosting made by a real human being for other human beings. Stumbling across smallGod was one of the best finds ever!
Adam - 31.01.2014
Happy to be returning to this service for my second year, no doubt I will be here many years to come. The support is brilliant and the site is easy to navigate. If like me, you're a bit lost with hosting technicalities, you will love this site! Thanks
John - 20.01.2014
You guys are great. I didn't need the service anymore but love smallGod.
Alejandro - 04.01.2014
I have been in SmallGod for 3 years now. I am really happy for the services, attention and quality of this server.
oliver - 12.07.2013
SmallGod is a great service! Amazing customer service and at a good price. Their website is easy to use too. 10/10
Ray Ray - 04.04.2013
smallGod has made making a website for my business very comfortable and efficient. Thank you!
Peter - 26.03.2013
SmallGod is great hosting service and very reliable provider. The customer support is No. 1
William Thomas - 10.03.2013
Thank you for the excellent support and service these last couple years. I could not recommend you highly enough. If all companies were like yours, the world would be a million times better. Should I ever need hosting in the future, you will be the first and only place I go.
Jonathan Moore - 05.03.2013
Great service most of my emails are answered within a couple of minute great site great price and great support and service.
Jake - 31.05.2012
Oh dear small gods JP has changed my on-line world, with the skill of a designer and the touch of an artist he has worked wonders! And he has a great deal of patience and understanding of the lack of knowledge I brought to the cyber table.
Thomas - 12.11.2011
smallGod's the best! I set up my Indexhibit site lickety-split and now I'm ready to rock. Super easy.
Mariel - 27.07.2011
Small God has been excellent and easy to use. Their customer service is friendly and approachable but I haven't had to contact them because the service is laid out in a fairly user friendly way. Hosting has been reliable and I haven't noticed any downtime. They are great about keeping users up to date with site features, maintenance and updates!
Karissa Lang - 13.07.2011
I've made many websites in the past, and on a couple of occasions, I tried to install indexhibit. Unfortunately, I could never figure it out. Thanks to smallGod, Indexhibit installation was so easy, and I could focus on getting my website up quickly. It is an invaluable resource for artists, who want to focus more on getting their work out there, as opposed to worrying about coding and databases etc. In addition, I love to support the little man, as opposed to some faceless corporate hosting company. JP has always been really helpful with issues or questions that I've had. I recommend smallGod to any creatives looking for hosting. Trust me, it's awesome!!
Kelsea - 22.06.2011
I first came to smallGod in need of a host for my photography portfolio. Coding, setting up the site, etc. can be a pain, especially for artists who just want a little site! But smallGod offers an array of auto-setups that do all that junk for you. I am also a student so I was thoroughly impressed with the inexpensive hosting plans. Support is ALWAYS there to help you; I have never had a single problem that wasn't solved quickly and efficiently. And lastly, when I launched an online magazine in January, which was of much more importance than my first website, I knew exactly who was going to host it. I highly recommend smallGod to not only creatives but to anyone looking for an easy, affordable host that is very concerned with your personal satisfaction.
Vladyslav Loktaev - 19.06.2011
I joined smallGod community several months ago and had nothing but excellent experience since then. I receive immediate response to all my inquiries, and the administrators have always been polite and helpful. I hope to maintain this relationship for a long time!
Erik - 18.06.2011
I have been totally happy since we switched to smallGod. We had been using another webhost for years and had become increasingly dissatisfied with them and especially their customer service. After a quick inquiry about webhosts smallGod was recommended and it was incredibly easy to make the switch with Jon-Paul's help. One of the greatest pleasures has been that we used to receive over 100 spam emails a day per email account (totaling over 300 spam a day) and now we barely get any. I have told many friends about smallGod and I hope they make the switch too!
William - 16.06.2011
Being a creative I felt it essential that I upload myself a portfolio online. After a little research I felt that creating an indexhibit site would be the most suitable option. However, i was a little unsure what I needed to go about setting up and creating an account. Luckily SmallGod was able to assist, providing all the relevant guides and tutorials for a simple set up. Made my life much easier. Also, the online chat support is v recommended
Aaron - 15.06.2011
When I set up my hosting and domain, I received an excellent standard of help from the customer service, everything ran smoothly and without a hitch. I am pleased so far with the hosting :) Great company!
Horace - 15.06.2011
1 year domain Credit + $6/month hosting + 1-click Indexhibit installation? Yes please! smallGod has been extremely reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use. I needed to get a simple site up quickly for hosting an architecture portfolio while jobhunting, and this did the trick. Definitely recommend.
Vashte - 14.06.2011
I've been using smallGod for about 5 months now, and I have no complaints at all! I wasn't too sure how I wanted to create my site at first - whether I wanted to use Indexhibit, Drupal, or Wordpress. Since they're all so easy to install (and uninstall!) on smallGod, I was able to give each of those a try before sticking with Wordpress in the end. I love the flexibility. The other great thing about smallGod is the support. JP is always there lightning-fast to help. I'm no web developer...I couldn't have created my site without him!
Sarah - 13.06.2011
After using smallGod for a month, I have had no problems. This is my first web host. I have enjoyed being able to easily set up my site with indexhibit through smallGod. I would recommend this company for any artist trying to put their portfolio on the web.
Heather - 13.06.2011
I am a recently graduated art student, and JP Kelly's tutorials on the portfolio site Indexhibit have been so helpful. I have created my site with ease. This has made the final year of studies that bit less stressful. I have also found the email and instant responses valuable and very punctual. They understand that not everyone finds creating a website easy.
craig - 13.06.2011
after signing up with smallgod i had my own site online almost immediately. they have very clear video demos and instant support, which is extremely useful for someone like me with limited computer skills.
Andrew Danziger - 06.12.2010
Thanks for all your help. This is definitely the best/most responsive host I have ever had. Everything you have suggested so far has been incredibly helpful.
Michael - 15.10.2010
I’ve been hosting with SmallGod Media since 2005. They’re great....reasonably priced, very proactive and helpful with tech support, and even fun! Michael Dean
Harry - 02.10.2010
smallGod hosting service has been extremely reliable for our website hosting and email services. The customer support has been flawless and prompt. I would recommend this host for any size need, easily scalable.
Daniel - 15.09.2010
smallGod Media designed my site and I’m still getting compliments. My clients all tell me it’s easy to use. the site is uncomplicated and beautiful! check it out!!
Mariah - 22.07.2010
This is the best web hosting business I have found - They are everything you would want in a web host: responsive, personal customer service and support, reliable, works smoothly, great price, simple billing and a really easy to use website. What's not to love?