a mobile friendly theme for Indexhibit

This Indexhibit theme is designed to work with mobile devices. It is currently a work in progress and in beta. Use at your own risk. Try to break it! Try to make it better!

This theme uses the Zurb Foundation framework to configure the layout based on device screen size. It works best when using a new exhibition format called Responsive and with the Djuve and Djuve2 exhibition formats.

If you have questions or comments please contact design@smallgod.net and let me know if you are using it! Thanks!


See the theme in action here. http://vcrit.org/demo/
Go to the link and resize the browser window to see how it behaves at different browser widths.


  • Does not work with expanding menus.
  • Does not work with Grow, Slideshow and Thickbox exhibition formats (and probably a lot of other exhibition formats).
  • If you add images using html code e.g <img src="images/image.jpg">, using width and height attributes will interfere with the Foundation scaling


iPhone example

The Indexhibit menu items are converted to buttons and images are resized on phone browser.

Indexhibit responsive theme
Indexhibit responsive theme



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