Indexhibit pre-v2.0 stuff

This is an archive of links and tutorials for Indexhibit earlier than version 2.0.

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Indexhibit pre-v2.0 installation in three easy steps [see steps] [watch our video tutorial]

Our oneClick autoInstaller makes it easy to install Indexhibit and it includes some themes which are great for customizing Indexhibit. Both the smallGod theme and Ed Nacional's open source theme are thoroughly commented so you can tell what is going on with the CSS code.

Install Indexhibit on smallGod - it's super easy [sign up for hosting]

Get your indexhibit site up and running in about one minute. No need to FTP files or set up a database. Launch our one-click automatic installer and click the "Install" button. Your new Indexhibit site is ready to go.

Indexhibit themes

[new] mobile friendly Indexhibit theme [check it out]

Responsive theme using the Zurb Foundation framework.

smallGod Indexhibit theme [check it out]

We've designed a simple theme for Indexhibit with clean design and typography.

Indexhibit theme for WordPress [check it out]

This is a theme for WordPress which is works visually with Indexhibit.

Indexhibit tutorials

If you want to install or customize Indexhibit, here are some links to Indexhibit help and tutorials.

Indexhibit tutorial videos by smallGod

Install Indexhibit in under a minute [video 0:58]
Remove Indexhibit using the one click autoInstaller [video 1:54]
Using an FTP client and a text editor to edit Indexhibit files [video 4:18]
Install Ed Nacional's open source theme [video 3:27]
Modify Indexhibit theme background and text colors with CSS [video 18:18]

Other Indexhibit tutorials, themes and links


Indexhibit installation in 3 simple steps [see video tutorial]

1. Log in to the hosting controlPanel

hosting controlPanel


2. Click on the oneClick autoInstaller

open one click installer


3. Install Indexhibit

Indexhibit one click installer

Note: If you want your Indexhibit installation to appear at the root of your domain. (e.g. When you click on http://yoursite.com you go to your indexhibit installation.) Be sure the "In Directory" field in the auto installer is blank. If you put "indexhibit" in the "In Directory" field, your Indexhibit site will appear at http://yoursite.com/indexhibit.



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