Application Installer

The Application Installer is located in the Hosting Control Panel under "Applications". The Application Installer allows you to easily install applications like WordPress in a few clicks.

Located in Control Panel under Applications tab

one click auto installer in the control panel

available software list:

WordPress v3.0

WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

joomla v1.5.20

Content management system and Web application framework

Drupal v6.19

Open source content management system and blogging engine

gallery v2.3.1

Gallery is a powerful photo gallery.

phpBB v3.0.7

phpBB is the most widely used open source bulletin board solution in the world.

magento v1.4.1.1

Professional open-source eCommerce solution.

typo3 v4.4.2

Professional Web Content Management System

4images v1.7.7

4images is a powerful web-based image gallery management system.

advancedguestbook v2.4.4

PHP-based guestbook script

AdvancedPoll v2.03

AdvancedPoll is a poll management system.

Aerial Chat v6.31

A powerful chat, optimizing bandwidth

anyinventory v2.0

Inventory management program

articlepublisher v1.0

Powerful PHP tool to create and manage content, generate search-engine-friendly URLs.

artmedicguestbook v4.0


AutoIndex v2.2.4

Directory auto indexer

avactis v1.8.1

Online store

b2evolution v3.3.1

Multilingual multiuser multi-blog engine.

bbclone v0.48

Feature rich counter

bigace v2.6

BIGACE is an web-based open source content-management-system with focus on usability and easy customization.

BlaB! Lite v4.2

Chat system

BlogEngine.NET v1.6.1

BlogEngine.NET is an a blog platform with less complexity, easy customization, and one that takes advantage of the latest .NET features.

Bookstore v1.0

Online BooksStore is a fully functional online store that you may use as a framework to create an expanded system or use 'as is'.

brim v2.0.0

Personal online organizer

Classifieds v1.0

Online Classifieds is a basic, yet fully functional online classifieds system.

communityserver2007 v3.0.20611.960

Community Server is the platform that powers rich blogging, discussions, and sharing web communities.

Coppermine v1.3.3

Coppermine is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery script written in PHP using GD with a MySQL backend.

CRE Loaded v6.2.13

An online store program and shopping cart software in one complete fully integrated ecommerce solution.

CS-Cart v1.3.5

PHP/MySQL shopping cart software

CSLH v2.15.0

A multi-user, multi-operator, multi-department Live Help support chat system.

cubecart v3.0.20

CubeCart is an eCommerce script written with PHP and MySQL.

DocFAQ v1.71

Simple FAQ system

dokuwiki v20080505

DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki.

dolphin v6.0.0

Smart Community Builder

DotNetNuke v5.5.0

DotNetNuke is a free, Open Source Framework ideal for creating Enterprise Web Applications

dotProject v2.1.2

Open source system for managing projects

EasyMoblog v0.5.1

Platform for the publishing of personal weblogs and moblogs.

eGroupWare v1.6.001

Open source groupware software

EmuWebMail v7.0.1

Webmail interface.

eScene v0.1.1

Virtual sticker board

Events v1.0

Events is a basic, yet fully functional online Event management system.

FAQMasterFlex v1.2

This is a free, web-based application for creating and maintaining Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your web site.

formmail v1.92

Web-based CGI mail sender

geeklog v1.4.1

Geeklog is a weblog powered by PHP and MySQL.

getID3 v1.7.7

Script that extracts useful information from MP3s and other multimedia file formats

H.H.G. multistore CE v4.1.4294

Powerful ecommerce multilevel webcart shop system.

Help Center Live v2.1.5

Help Center Live is a `Live` help desk system that features Live Support, Trouble Tickets and FAQ within tne project.

iScripts EasyBiller v1.0

iScripts EasyBiller is a online billing and account management software specially developed for service businesses.

iScripts EasySnaps v2.0

iScripts EasySnaps - Advanced Image hosting script.

iScripts Eswap v1.0

iScripts Eswap - Online swapmeet site.

iScripts Multicart v2.0

iScripts Multicart - Shopping cart With Multi vendors and a single storefront.

iScripts SocialWare v1.0

iScripts SocialWare is a social networking portal software with number of community features.

Kajona v3.3.1

Kajona³ - Open Source Content Management Framework, build on PHP and a SQL database.

KnowledgeTreeOSS v3.4.5

Document Management Software

kPlaylist v1.7.426

Web music collection

LifeType v1.2.6

Blogging platform with support for multiple blogs and users in a single ation.

Links v1.0

Links is a basic, yet fully functional online Link management system.

LiveStreet v0.4.1

Система ведения сетевых дневников.

mailer v6.3

PHP web based email marketing and autoresponder software solution.

Mambo v4.6.5

Mambo is an Open Source CMS system.

mantis v1.1.8

Issue tracking system

mediawiki v1.15.2

Open source knowledgebase and content management system

modx-revolution v2.0.0

MODx is an Open Source PHP web application framework with a capable built-in Content Management System (CMS).

moodle v1.9.3

Open source software for creating online education sites

movabletype v5.2

Powerful publishing platform.

myorgbook v2.8

Online organizer

net2ftp v0.98

Web based FTP client

nmsformmail v3.14c1

Web-based CGI mail sender

nmsguestbook v1.52


nmstextcounter v1.19


noahclass v1.3

Classifieds system

nucleus v3.32

Nucleus is a Content Management System.

OneBiz Suite v8.0

Applications, Tools, Resources, and Solutions for small businesses.

openbiblio v0.5

OpenBiblio is a nice and powerful web library.

OpenIT v3.0.1

IT management web application

OpenRealty v2.4.4

A free, open source real estate listing manager.

osCommerce v2.2rc2a

osCommerce is an online shop e-commerce solution.

osTicket v1.6.4

Support Ticket System.

Owl v0.80

OWL is a multi-user document repository or knowledge based system.

perlfectsearch v3.37

Site indexer and search engine.

phpAds v2.0.8

Open source ad serving software for Web sites

phpbannerexchange v2.0

Web banner exchange

phpBook v1.50

phpBook is an easy configurable and very simple guestbook

phpBugTracker v1.19

PhpBugTracker is a small bugtracking system like a Bugzilla.

phpDig v1.85

phpDig is simple search engine for your site.

phpDocumentor v1.4.1

JavaDoc-like automatic documentation generator for PHP

phpList v2.10.5

Personalised mailing list manager

phpMoney v1.3

PhpMoney is a tool to manage bank accounts through a web interface.

phpMyFamily v1.4.1

Genealogic system

phpMyFAQ v2.0.6

Multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ-system

phpmyvisites v2.3

Open source Web site statistics software

phpnuke v8.0

PHP-Nuke is free portal system, released under GNU GPL Licence version 2.0

phpopenchat v3.0.2

PHPOpenChat (POC) is a web-based chat system

PHProjekt v5.2

Open source groupware suite

phpsupporttickets v2.2

The powerful, all-in-one email helpdesk / ticketing software.

phpsurveyor v0.98

PHP Surveyor is a set of PHP scripts aimed at allowing people to develop online Surveys.

phpwcms v1.3.5

Web Content Management System.

phpwebsite v0.10.2

Complete web site content management system.

phpWhois v4.1.2

PHP library to do whois queries

phpWiki v1.3.14

A WikiWikiWeb is a site where everyone can collaborate on the content.

Pivot v1.40.5

Web-based tool to help you maintain dynamic sites, like weblogs or online journals

Piwik v1.0

Open source web analytics

pLog v1.0

Blogging platform built with PHP, designed with maximum customizability, speed and ease of use in mind.

pmachinefree v2.4

pMachine is online publishing's most flexible and creative software.

PostNuke v0.764

Content management system

PPhlogger v2.2.5

Counter hosting and website statistics tool

propadoo v0.1

Testimonial marketing made easy

PukiWiki v1.4.7

PHP scripts for Web pages which can be edited by anyone, at any time, from anywhere.

ray v3.0.0

Community Widget Suite

sendcard v3.4.1

Virtual postcard program

serendipity v1.3.1

PHP-powered, flexible blogging/CMS application

simplechat v1.3

Fast HTML based chatroom

Siteframe v3.2.2

Siteframe is a lightweight content-management system designed for the rapid deployment of community-based websites.

SmarterTrack v3.1.3058

SmarterTrack 3.x is a robust support Help Desk, Ticket System, Live Chat, Cost Analysis, Data Mining, Knowledge Base, Reporting, and Analytics software application built upon an Event-driven architecture and delivered through an elegant web interface for a complete Customer Service Software solution.

smf v1.1.11

Online forum based on PHP and MySQL

SquirrelMail v1.4.21

Webmail package

supportcenter v2.5.2

Helpdesk and customer support software

SupportLogic v1.2

Support Ticket system.

SupportPRO SupportDesk v3.0

Web based helpdesk with integrated knowledgebase.

Tellme v1.2

Small utilities for network services

textpattern v4.2.0

Textpattern is a flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management system.

tikiwiki v3.2.0

Open source content management system

todolist v0.9.15.4

"Todolist.php" is a set of PHP scripts that create a web-based list of things to do.

TUTOS v1.88

TUTOS is the short name for "the ultimate team organization software".

UebiMiau v2.7.8

UebiMiau is a web-interface to your mail.

UnisonServer v1.1

Unison server

VideoDB v3.0.0

Database to manage your personal video collection

vivvocms v4.0.0

Article management software that helps create a full article website quickly and easily.

WebCalendar v1.2.0

Open source Web-based calendaring and scheduling system

weberp v3.08

webERP is a web based accounting/ERP software produced by an ongoing community of accounting software developers.

WWW Paint Board v1.0.1

A tool where users can draw dynamically on the web.

X-Cart v4.3.2

X-Cart Gold: ultimate PHP shopping cart software

XandMailWeb2cs v3.2.6

Web-based Communication Portal offering WebMail, Address Book, Calendar and Online File Storage

Xaraya v1.1.4

Web application framework

xoops v2.3.2b

Open source content management system

Xoops Cube Legacy v2.1.4

Open source content management system

xrms v1.19

XRMS is a web-based application for managing business entities such as employees, customers, contacts, activities with those contacts, etc.

xtc-modified v1.0.5

Open source ecommerce webcart shop system.

xtcommerce v3.0.4

Powerful ecommerce webcart shop system.

Zen Cart v1.3.9d

Shopping cart software


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